At AC Media & Film, we offer end-to-end services as well as individual video production, video editing and text/graphic animation and design, all in-house and tailored to suit you, your company and your unique vision. We aim to create creative solutions and professional productions that meet your vision, or help you get there. 


As a team we offer the full package, with videography, lighting, audio and production direction all covered. 

Our existing portfolio includes wedding videos, feature and short films and documentaries, advertising, and music videos, and we enjoy nothing more than adding to this portfolio


Working with the most up to date editing software possible, we offer a range of post-production, including video and audio editing, motion and text graphics design, and colour correction. 

And we're not just limited to our footage, send us your videos and we can edit them to suit you. 


Dedicated team of skilled and experienced filmmakers with over 6 years of individual experience.


High quality equipment fit for a range of projects, including cameras, lighting and audio equipment.


Range of video production services, including promotional work, music videos, wedding films, and fiction projects. 


Skilled editing services, including video and audio, title animation, VFX graphics and more. 


What do we offer?


We offer 2 pricing options to our customers, an hourly rate and day rate; with additional options available for long-term projects.

For those who prefer to work by the hour, or who are perhaps not sure how long their project will take, we offer our hourly rate, which applies per AC team members, and includes video productions, and all post-production services. 


£25 per hour

Hourly Rate

Got a schedule to stick to? Then you may prefer our Day Rate. Currently only available for video production services, the day rate is for up to 6 hours and includes 2 AC team members. 



Day Rate

*See full Terms & Conditions for additional information

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