Video Marketing for Gyms and personal Trainers

Being able to successfully promote your business has always been an important part of growing your brand. Now after life is slowly returning to some form of normality, promoting your business may be more important than ever.

In recent years the growing trend of media content has become more and more essential in promoting your services.

Audiences retain 95% of information when watching a video as opposed to reading text where they only retain just 10% of information. And in a survey conducted it was revealed that 8 out of 10 people purchased a product or service after watching a brand video.

It's clear that media marketing is an extremely powerful tool and if implemented correctly can benefit any business.

Below we will go through just some of the techniques and styles that can be used to help promote businesses in the fitness industry such as Gyms and personal trainers.

Introduce audiences to your business

A introduction video or explainer video can help to inform potential new clients and customers about your business and gives you the chance to show why your establishment or services can help to benefit them. In other words, why they should choose you over others.

A introduction video can not only inform your audience about what you offer but it's also a chance to promote your services and show how those services can benefit them.

Consumers want to know more information about a service before they make their decision, and with video being the most effective way to get information across a introduction video is the best option by far.

96% of people when asked had claimed they had watched an explainer video about a product or service to learn more. And 84% of people say they had been convinced to purchase a product or service after having watched a brand's video.

Let your customers speak for you

Customer testimonials can be extremely effective in driving new customers to your establishment or services. Having current and/ or previous clients share their positive experience with your services or establishment sends a good message to potential new consumers that your business is well trusted and can offer them something of value.

People are much more likely to trust your business over others if convinced by other customers. It shows confidence in your own business by having your customers speak for you.

By sharing your customer testimonial videos you are sending a positive message about your business. These types of videos can also help to highlight some of the services you provide by having your customers talk about their favourite part of doing business with you.

Maybe they really benefited from a particular service you offer, how has that helped them and how has it changed their life? If your place of business is a Gym then maybe it's the establishment they really like, or they're impressed with the equipment or how well maintained it is. Maybe they're impressed with the staff and how friendly and helpful they can be.

All these potential points and more could really help to sell your services to new consumers and help send out a great confident appearance about your business.

Show that your business is prepared for life after lockdown

COVID-19 has effected all businesses in one way or another, and its effects will continue to shape how we do business moving forward. Customers want the reassuring knowledge that if they go out and visit your business they will be safe, and a simple promotional video about your business and how you are taking steps to ensure a clean environment for your customers can go a long way to ensure this.

Show the exact steps you are taking to protect your customers, so they can have the knowledge that your establishment is safe to visit. This will help to build trust with your customers and show that you care about their safety.

If your business is a Gym then this type video could be very important to share with your customers. There are many fitness equipment within in a Gym and they can often be used by several people in a day, this may be a genuine concern for some customers.

Show your customers how you are ensuring that equipment and surfaces are being cleaned throughout the day. Show them that you and your staff are prepared and have the right PPE to ensure safety within your establishment.

By doing this you put your business in a good light, you show that your business is there to protect your customers while they visit your establishment and you help to build further trust with your audience.

Give something back to your customers

One of the most effective ways of promotional media is to give your audience something of value before they even do business with you. In this instance educating them in the form of quick fitness tutorials can help to promote your business and build a connection with your customers.

If your tutorial videos add value to your potential customers, they'll be more likely to do business with you as you have proven to them that they can receive something of value from your services.

This technique can be potentially very effective for personal trainers. This type of video is in a sense a demo for your services, something to inform potential customers about what you can offer them.

Creating a series of short fitness tutorial videos can be very beneficial in growing your brand. By placing these videos on social media or even a youtube channel, you'll be able to build and grow an audience who will tune in with each video you post. This is a great way to promote your services and grow your brand to a potentially huge audience.


Media marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for your business if implemented correctly. Your success is only determined by how well you understand the different techniques used and how to apply them correctly.

There are many different types of videos that offer different types of solutions for your business.

Luckily that's where we come in. Our business is specially designed around media marketing and with our knowledge of video and photography production and content and how to apply them correctly we are able to offer our clients great value and solutions to their brand.

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